Health literacy for grown-ups

The other day my chiropractor recommended the Straighten Up New Zealand (SUNZ) programme. When I told him I could only find the kids’ version on the leaflet stand he explained that the kids’ version was the best as it was easier to understand. A pragmatic decision to use material designed for kids might just about be OK, if the adults’ version doesn’t work, but I feel patronised using something designed for children. Not the best way to engage my participation.

I wondered why the original material was developed without understanding the audience or testing the draft. Perhaps the kids’ version should be adapted for an adult audience, using the same simple style of drawings, plain English and large print in a easy to read font.

The SUNZ web site looked promising, with different audiences identified on the home page, although the slabs of bright colour are a bit hard on the eyes, but then the grown-ups page is all sad slabs of boring grey text, and the practitioners will need sunglasses for their page. This site cries out for some video, with captions and transcriptions of course.

Note – I didn’t check the web site for accessibility.

Straighten Up New Zealand - Grown ups introduction page - grey block text

Straighten Up New Zealand - Grown ups introduction page

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