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I have been involved in the world of disability all my life, if you count living with low vision. Over the years I have worked on a fair number of disability issues and have developed some strong views on many of them. Post yours and let’s engage in some intelligent and respectful discussion and debate on our disability passions

One of my passions is accessibility, and in particular access to information.

Twenty or thirty years ago when disabled people talked about accessibility we meant access to buildings and the built environment. Gradually the concept has expanded to include the infrastructure essential to an accessible journey, accessible housing, all forms of transport, even accessible government. Today it includes a multitude of subjects, one of which is of course this medium, the Internet, and all the technologies that relate to it.

When you mention web accessibility people sometimes look at you blankly, or if they are techies, they might see it as some kind of peripheral and benighted blind alley off a distant lane only marginally connected to the high speed superhighway complex that is the Internet. Occasionally you come across a techie who “gets it”. Such people are often web accessibility champions and ought to be treasured, for to many disabled people the Internet is an important, sometimes the only means of independent access to information.

All of the information for all of the people all of the time.

Kia Ora,


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  1. Graham

    Hi Robyn
    I have been doing some work on adding M?ori screen reader functionality to espeak-ng.
    My understanding is that it is the back end for the screen readers Orca and NVDA. Anyway it is at a stage where I think it is ok.
    So, reaching out to the community via you to ask should I just include it ‘as is’ or is something more needed before I do that?
    Take Care

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