In memory of the Rev. Dr Christopher Newell AM

The disability world has lost one of its finest minds and a stalwart friend. Chris Newell was an internationally noted bioethicist and a respected Anglican clergyman and teacher, a disability rights leader and someone unafraid to stand up, as it were, and be counted when it came to the crunch over a range of disability issues.

Although he is gone his work will remain as a tangible reminder of a man who inspired many with his passionate commitment to the human rights of disabled people, and to living life to the full.

But he was also a husband and father and a friend. He had a particular connection with Wellington and disabled people here as he chose to be a member of Wellington DPA, even though he lived in Tasmania.

He was loved and respected by many. I will remember the pleasure of his company, his generosity of spirit and his humour with gratitude. I am proud to call him a friend. He will be missed by many. I do hope that at such a terrible time for Jill and the girls and the rest of his family they can take some comfort from the many loving tributes to him paid in public, and the many more I am sure they will receive in private.

Farewell Chris. Rest in peace.


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  1. My extended sympathy to Christopher’s families and friends in both New Zealand and Tasmania. I had the pleasure of liaising with Christopher on Arts Action’s Amalgamation Arts Festival in 2006. He was well thought of in Hobart, Tasmania and advocated well for people with disabilities.

  2. Leanne Owen

    I met Christopher when he accepted an invitation to present as keynote at the Australian Association for Pastoral Care in Education Conference in 2003. He was one of the most compassion, and deeply inspiring people I have ever met, and touched all who encountered him here in WA.

    As a direct result of conversations with him, during that visit, I have gone on to develop the Philosothon, an activity designed to encourage young people to share and engage with, the deep questions of life.

    I am devastated to read this obituary. My prayers are with Christopher and his family. I know he was a man of deep faith and I trust he is in God’s care.

    Leanne Owen

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