Ink on the Internet is free!

The Internet is prone to fashion fads, just like any other aspect of our daily lives, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the use of colour. A couple of years ago orange was all the rage on government and public sector web sites. I was told that this was because there was no political party with orange as its colour! I gave serious consideration to starting one!

That fad has passed thank heavens but the new one is just as bad. It is what that man of good sense Gerry McGovan calls the greying of the Internet. And no, he is not referring to the age of the average user. Apart from the difficulty of reading grey on grey for “normally” sighted people the overall effect is downright depressing. Do web owners really want to reduce their users to a state of depression where they can barely turn on the computer, never mind visit web sites? And don’t they know that ink on the Internet is free? Perhaps it’s the one thing that isn’t affected by climate change and global warming to the point where rationing is essential.


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