Gas Grumbles

I have been so busy tweeting, Facebooking, watching videos on Youtube and whatnot that I am forgetting about my poor old blog! All this social media stuff is quite time consuming. It does allow you let off steam though. I posted to Facebook immediately over a very annoying incident when Steve tried to take a taxi to get our empty cook top gas bottle filled. The driver refused on the grounds of ‘dangerous goods’! Fortunately he found one that would take him and the bottle. Gas bottles are heavy when full and the filling station is some distance away. So much for carbon footprint – It’s just another way to discriminate against those of us without cars.


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2 Responses to Gas Grumbles

  1. Presumably, the driver that refused wasn’t driving an LPG powered vehicle – or it would have seemed a little (more) ridiculous.

  2. Yes – that thought had accurred to me too. Reminds me – I must phone them and complain

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