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Three disability Christmas wishes

In looking back over 2013 it seems to have gone very fast, and been eventful and full on. Aside from some changes in my personal life there have been other interesting developments. I have continued with some work themes from previous years and become involved in some new areas of work. Working in arts access has been particularly interesting and fun.

As the years pass I am becoming impatient with the pace of change in the disability community. I think there is too much apathy, some self-satisfaction as well as lots of frustration. I worry that we could even be going backwards.

As it is the Christmas season, with all that means, secular and religious, and in accordance with the rules of things magical I have decided to make three Christmas wishes. In the hope they might come true – OK I am a born optimist – I will try and be realistic in my wishes for change. While I always hope for world peace, sadly it doesn’t look likely in the near future.

At the risk of being corny here are my three Christmas wishes.

  1. I wish that that disabled people’s organisations and disability service providers would pay serious attention to making their web sites and electronic information really accessible to the whole community of disabled people.
  2. I wish that disabled people’s organisations would be adequately resourced to enable them to be strong and independent, to develop their and their members’ capacity to represent our voices in a forceful and professional manner
  3. I wish that we as disabled people would be more kind and open towards each other, prepared to understand, support and celebrate the things about us that are different, while grasping and working together in strength and unity on those many big issues that unite us. Together we can do it all!

The magic may need some help from us. I will be foregoing New Year’s resolutions, (which I never keep, apart from the one I made some years ago never to make any more) in favour of these wishes. I hope others will help me make them come true.

But while we have a well-earned break I wish all readers, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, whether in sun or snow, a cheerful, peaceful, safe and restful holiday season, and a very happy New Year. Merry Christmas!

A spikey red pohutukawa blossom with green leaves. (The NZ Christmas tree.)

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Robyn Hunt wins Supreme Award at Attitude Awards

Hi everyone

I’m very pleased to announce that my AccEase colleague, Robyn Hunt,who authors most of the blog posts on this blog site has received public recognition for the work she does in the disability sector.

Robyn Hunt wining the Making a Difference Award at the Attitude Awards - with Jill Lane and Ruth Dyson

Robyn Hunt wining the Making a Difference Award at the Attitude Awards – with Jill Lane and Ruth Dyson

The Attitude Awards were held Robyn won the Making a Difference category award from 20 finalists and then was awarded the Supreme Award with the contenders being the winners of the other seven categories.

Robyn Hunt accepting the Supreme Award at the Attitude Awards

Robyn Hunt accepting the Supreme Award at the Attitude Awards

As you well know, Robyn is a tireless supporter of disability rights and has stuck to the task despite it being an area that gets little mainstream recognition.

The full report “Disability rights advocate wins Attitude Award” is on the TVNZ website.

Congratulations to Robyn, who is a most deserved winner!

Mike Osborne
Director – AccEase Ltd

PS – You can watch the full awards ceremony online – and the video controls are accessible.


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