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White ribbon day November 25th

The White Ribbon web site says “White Ribbon offers men the opportunity to be part of the solution to end violence against women.
Violence is endemic within New Zealand. One in three women are victims of violence from a partner, while on average fourteen women are killed each year by a member of their own family.
White Ribbon is a campaign led by men who condemn violence against women and take action. We are part of a global campaign committed to ending violence against women.
You can help effect change by supporting White Ribbon.
Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.”
Disabled women experience violence from disabled and non-disabled men in the same way non-disabled women and girls experience it, although so far no-one has collected the statistics, but we know it happens

Violence towards disabled women and girls deserve serious attention and they deserve same level of protection that non-disabled women and girls have.

So come on guys, disabled and non-disabled, wear your ribbons, and more importantly say no to violence against ALL women.

You can also support the Disability Clothesline project.

Article 16, Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse of the UN Disability Rights Convention (CRPD) requires protected from violence and abuse for disabled people, including disabled women of course.

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Business collaboration

When I decided to become self-employed for the second time in 1995 I relished taking control over my working life. Five years later, while still enjoying being in control of my own destiny I began to feel that my situation was a tad limited. There were areas of technical expertise I didn’t have and didn’t want to have, but knew that having access to them would be very useful.

When the opportunity to establish AccEase came along I was ready and eager. Teaming up with others with complementary skills to work in areas I feel passionately about expanded my horizons, brought new satisfaction, and provided an opportunity to develop a new business that I could grow while enjoying the camaraderie of working on a shared values driven enterprise.

After nearly ten years in business AccEase has reached another milestone, Rather than expand our business beyond the specialist web, communications and disability niche, we are building more collaborative relationships with organisations and businesses which have synergies with us. We already know collaboration works, and we see it as a great way to grow.

We are collaborating with organisations which:

  • Work in similar but not identical fields to ours
  • share similar values
  • want to work in ways that are not in competition but which can add value to both businesses
  • are open to develop and share new ideas and new ways of working and thinking
  • value quality reciprocal feedback

We are delighted that Write, the plain English specialists are joining our longtime collaborators E-Gov Watch. We greatly value their company and we will be welcoming more.

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