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Leonard Cohen Live!

I first fell in love with Leonard Cohen’s music in the seventies, and Tuesday night I did it all over again. The concert was simply stunning, well worth the most expensive tickets I think I have ever bought. Cohen seems to have gained so much in stature and depth as a performer since I first heard him the Albert Hall in London back when. At 75 he performed with absolute class for three hours, with numerous encores to an enraptured and responsive audience. What a voice!

The sound was flawless; with perfect balance between vocals and musicians, every one an accomplished performer in their own right.

How appropriate that he sang ‘Democracy is Coming to the USA’ on the eve of the inauguration of America’s first black president. It almost felt like the sixties again!

I came home feeling that I had experienced a deep and satisfying performance. It might indeed have been ‘the best show ever’. It was certainly something to take my mind off the grim times we live in. Big thanks to Mike G for organising the tickets.

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Disability Culture in NZ

A new year and new resolutions – not – although I have considered starting regular swimming again after all that Christmas food!

Anyway Happy New Year to everyone out there in the blogosphere!

The holidays have passed quietly in this corner of the capital, with the usual amount of moderate over-indulgence. I can’t prevent myself from adopting a kind of siege mentality at this time of year and over-estimate the amount we can eat. My favourite pastime as I recover is relaxing with a glass of wine and a stack of good books. It is a restful antidote to the highly contagious and exhausting lemming rush towards Christmas which I always swear I will avoid but never can.

Things went a bit pear shaped on New Year’s Eve morning when we awoke to a steady drip as a pipe leaked copiously from two floors up. That kind of catastrophe is one of the (few) disadvantages of living in an apartment I guess.

Over the holidays I have been reading about and reflecting on some disability topics, including disability culture, wondering what it means to your average crip or blindie in Aotearoa/New Zealand. I have found the concept lurking in some surprising places on the Interweb thingy, including knowledge of it being specified in several public sector-type job ads. It made me wonder if the people who wrote them could tell me what they mean. They are probably all away on holiday, otherwise I might ring one or two and ask them out of curiosity. If I find out I will publish their answers here.

I would be interested to know what readers think about disability culture. Does such a thing exist? If so what is it? What does it mean to disabled people in NZ today? Post your thoughts.

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