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A really disabled toilet

So-called “disabled toilets” are often the cause of much anguish to those who have no choice but to use them. The term acquired a whole new meaning recently when Dougal Stevenson, that doyen of National Radio recounted a story of a southern gentleman, who, like the three old ladies in the song became locked in the lavatory. Yes you can find absolutely anything on the Net!

The story goes that this person was attending a luncheon at Carisbrook, the aptly named in this case, house of pain, or at least significant discomfort. It appeared that everyone needed to use the facilities at the same time, presumably because they had all imbibed a similar amount. The queues proved too long for this gent who, in increasing discomfort went to find an alternative.

After much desperate searching he finally discovered a toilet for “the disabled” in the bowels of the building along some far corridor, (aren’t they always.) Ascertaining that there was no one else around he thankfully entered.

However he discovered that when it was time to exit the handle of the door would not turn. The toilet was indeed disabled, or should I say seriously impaired. The opportunity for this pun seemed lost on Dougal, but I couldn’t resist the temptation!

Fortunately for the trapped lunch guest rescue came before Monday to Saturday and after his rescuer in turn had to be rescued it was decided the door should be fixed before the game.

So all you crips who attended the infamous test match between the All Blacks and Springboks a week or so ago can thank this anonymous person for getting the probably sole accessible (?) loo in Carisbrook fixed! (I hope.)

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