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Employ disabled people – We’re running out of everyone else!

I’m such an optimist. I listened with interest in the hope of some new revelation to yesterday’s Insight Doco and Friday’s exhortations form Business New Zealand on Radio NZ’s Morning Report. None came. Just the same tired old messages. Something new and radical will need to happen before there will be real change in what is quite a complex situation.

If I was a cynical Marxist I might consider the reserve labour market theory, to be discarded when the next and more important labour market development comes along, as they always will. I might be reminded that the women who worked during the war were shoved back into the kitchen the minute the boys came home. It took a long time for that ground to be regained.

But because I have experienced discrimination as a disabled person and a woman, and now could on the grounds of age, I have to put my money where my mouth is. So AccEase will take a disabled person on work experience, hoping we may be able to offer them some work eventually.


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Good intentions

Oh dear – a blog a week has begun to elude me already. Pressure of work probably doesn’t cut it but I will use that as an excuse anyway. I guess blogging has to be habit forming like anything else. I will try and do better in the future.

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